Landbrukssalg are experts in buying and selling equipment for agriculture. Experienced employees, with a background in and knowledge of agricultural machinery, make us a safe and reliable partner. Our employees are always on the road and proximity to our customers is the very basic principle of our business operations.

The whole world is our market

Landbrukssalg has built up a large network of contacts. Not only in Norway but also internationally. Machines and equipment can thus be easily sold and exported abroad. If you need to import equipment, we can of course help with that too. No restrictions – even greater opportunities for you who are going to sell equipment.

We make the sale easy for you

Lanbrukssalg ensures professional handling of both contracts, settlements and shipping. Let us take care of the formalities while you follow the sale.

Price assistance and tariff

Are you unsure about the pricing of your/your sale objects? In-depth knowledge of the market makes us your best sparring partner on pricing. We know what the market is willing to pay and always hit the right price. You thus avoid trial, error and accompanying uncertainty. Our appraiser is ready to help you with the valuation.

Leave the paperwork to us

Good contracts and agreements are something to be taken seriously. We ensure that all necessary paperwork is in place before the sale is completed.

We take the environment seriously!

Recycling is the very essence of our operation. Sustainability is both a natural and obvious consequence of this.

Shipping and delivery

A sale is never completed until shipping and delivery have been completed and the buyer has received the object of sale. We help you with shipping and delivery both domestically and abroad. It is safe to use Lanbrukssalg!